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Running through the sky

The South Sydney Herald (SSH) published its 200th issue in February and Marjorie’s team celebrated the fact that the SSH is the only community media with a newspaper reporting continuously in the inner southern suburbs. Her front page story in May "New mural celebrates local connections" got a fair bit of love on Instagram for Sharon Billinge’s marvellous depictions of Aunty Beryl Van-Oploo, Dame Marie Bashir and students from The Settlement Neighbourhood Centre (picture with this blog post by Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore).

Marjorie has enjoyed doing Q&As with Kirli Saunders about her verse novel Bindi, Irma Gold about her novel The Breaking, Danielle Celermajer about her book Summertime: Reflections on a Vanishing Future, curator Catherine Skipper about This Time 2020, a Covid-lockdown inspired exhibition, and with Western Australian of the Year, Dr Helen Milroy, who wrote and illustrated The Emu Who Ran Through the Sky for 5-10 year-olds. 

In March, Marjorie’s story “Fever Tale” was published in Pulped Fiction – an anthology of prose poems and microfiction produced by Spineless Wonders. Stephen and Marjorie helped Bettina Kaiser to publicise her exhibition Natura Morta (“Dead Nature” or “Still Life”) in Camperdown, which encouraged people to bring trash they’d picked up from their neighbourhood, which she’d swap for an artwork!

Stephen also enjoyed writing a story about “heroes of the underground” The Holy Soul and their gig at HiWay in Enmore. His photo essay featuring the 23rd Sydney Writers’ Festival (April 26 to May 2) is also worth a look. A huge focus for Stephen and his team at SSI has been Refugee Week.

“Thank you for helping with the media release for my Natura Morta exhibition. So helpful. I had a great turnout with still a week to go. AND of course the questions and Q and A by Marjorie in the SSH was really fantastic.”


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