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Why choose You Need A Writer?


We’re skilful. We’re strategic. We’re nimble. We believe in legwork. We care.


We are professional writers and editors with thirty years of experience crafting award-winning copy for a wide variety of audiences and media.

We created You Need A Writer (as the name suggests) to meet a need.

We could see many organisations and individuals with great products and significant offerings who needed help with words that:


  • conveyed clearly what they do and how it helps people

  • captured the attention, imagination and loyalty of the people they wanted to reach

  • fitted their brand personality and ethos

  • contained strong calls to action and

  • were jargon and error free.


Individually and together we have written for businesses, a national weekly newspaper, local daily press, local government (including Sydney City Council), non-profit organisations, religious bodies, sporting and community groups.


We are experienced journalists, copywriters, bloggers and speechwriters who have written in Australia and overseas for magazines, newsletters/e-newsletters, blogs, websites, annual reports, books, features, profiles, reviews, interviews, news and media releases.


We are also experienced editors, publications managers and public relations specialists and this means we know how to meet deadlines, work creatively and accurately in teams and manage the media.


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