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Hectic? Erratic? Both!

The October 2019 issue of the South Sydney Herald (SSH) was Marjorie’s first as its Managing Editor. The SSH also launched its new website at about the same time. Check it out!

Marjorie’s highlights from the last six months include:

  • Writing the front-page story for the about the climate strike in The Domain on September 20.

  • Interviewing Sydney artists Brittany Johnson, Naomi Downie, Grace Wilkinson, Adrian Spry and Andrew Collis about their exhibitions in Redfern.

  • Proof editing the Belvoir Theatre Season book for 2020.

  • Reporting at an Africa-Australia conference in WA.

  • Writing about research into: the role and status of women in the workplace in Africa; “augmented eternity” built from a person’s lifetime of digital data into an AI representation who outlives them; how to prevent further outbreaks of Listeriosis across Africa and globally.

  • Reviewing: No One, an unsettling and eloquent novel by John Hughes; Margaret Atwood’s Booker prize-winning novel The Testaments; and five memoirs, one of which was Vicki Laveau-Harvie’s 2019 Stella Prize-winning tale The Erratics (which is just fabulous).

Stephen has been appointed Corporate Affairs & External Relations Manager at Settlement Services International. This enables him to focus more on media relations, which he loves. He also had two weeks in Hawaii in October where he read Halibut on the Moon by David Vann, 488 Rules for Life by Kitty Flanagan, and took some great photos of palm trees, sunsets, flowers and beer. Other recent photos include Shyamla Eswaran and Bindi Bosses with L-Fresh the Lion at SSI’s New Beginnings Festival.

Extinction Rebellion at the Domain. Photo by Marjorie Lewis-Jones.

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