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Pens battle obesity and shutters capture history

Here are a few highlights of what we’ve been up to at You Need a Writer.

We published a wonderful series of our photos on Facebook to celebrate Louis Nowra’s great book Woolloomooloo.

Stephen shot photos and Marjorie helped wrangle the clients at a volunteer recognition dinner, we wrote and distributed a media release announcing the launch of an exciting new Australian photo collective called Lumina, and Stephen took some great portraits at the Sydney Writers Festival of our literary heroes George Saunders, Joy Williams, Anne Enright, Robert Dessaix and many others.

For the South Sydney Herald (SSH) and A Bigger Brighter World, Marjorie interviewed urban photographer Richard Heersmink, botanic artist Angela Lobey, and scenic designer Emilia Simcox. SSH also published her piece ‘Can writers help battle obesity?

Marjorie went to the Newcastle Writers Festival for the launch of Landmarks, a collection of microfiction published by Spineless Wonders, which includes her piece ‘The Shape You Make’. This piece was also storybombed using some marvellous posters by Bettina Kaiser.

Marjorie’s poem, ‘Cradle of extinction’, inspired by a 1910 newspaper clipping, was published by the online literary magazine Uneven Floor.

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