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What we’ve been writing about

Here’s a snapshot of what’s been happening for us at You Need a Writer.

On the freelance front …

Marjorie relished (and completed) her four months as Acting Managing Editor for the South Sydney Herald (SSH), one of the few independent newspapers in Sydney. As well as managing the team and production she reported on and took photos for some great stories. Here’s a link to one of her pieces about WestConnex.

She also finalised and received accolades from the CEO and senior team of an aged care foundation for her work in bringing together a beautiful annual report in which photos and text support each other seamlessly. A great result.

Newtown Festival - photo by Marjorie Lewis-Jones

On the literary front …

Marjorie was shortlisted for the joanne burns micro-lit award 2016 for ‘The Shape You Make’.

She also interviewed several more children’s authors including Christina Booth (Too Many Sheep) and Stephanie Owen Reeder (Lennie the Legend: Solo to Sydney by Pony) and finished her 2016 series of monthly blog posts on A Bigger Brighter World (ABBW) featuring poets and poetry from around the world.

On the reading and reviewing front …

Marjorie read, reviewed and/or quoted from some great books for ABBW, TMA and the SSH. They included The Boy Behind the Curtain by Tim Winton, Loopholes by Susan McCreery, Flight by Nadia Wheatley, The Other Side of the World by Stephanie Bishop, Dirt Road by James Kelman, Pond by Claire-Louise Bennett, and The Salamanders by William Lane. See her EOFY (Part 2) and My reading list highlights for 2016.

Stephen spends most his week as a communications coordinator with Settlement Services International, working closely with the NSW Settlement Partnership, Community Hubs and fundraising.

Marjorie and Stephen also continue to edit and design the Spineless Wonders newsletter and have some fun times with publisher Bronwyn Mehan at Little Fictions@Knox Street Bar and at other literary and musical events around Sydney.

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