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Our work is so diverse

It’s been an action packed few months …

Marjorie’s highlights include: Interviewing the Aboriginal playwright and actor Katie Beckett about her heart-warming play Which Way Home. + Reporting at an international conference in WA, which included visiting a future farm and Rottnest Island; learning how the island’s harsh colonial history as an Aboriginal prison and burial ground has been glossed over. + Writing about how preconception exposure to parasites may hold the key to allergy prevention; how small fish could help mitigate malnutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa; and how a Canadian study, sparked by a catastrophic wildfire, has the potential to help thousands of victims of natural disasters across the world. + A five-day workshop in Japan drew experts and emerging scholars from across the globe to explore concrete examples of supporting and benefitting from open scholarship in the context of digital cultural heritage. + Pursuing stories about the growing numbers of Indigenous women being incarcerated in Australia; how women recovering from the trauma of domestic violence have been finding hope and healing in art therapy; and a new network devoted to improving health education and health literacy for musicians. + Reviewing Tim Winton’s novel The Shepherd’s Hut and a great children’s book about Sorry Day; writing a strategic plan for a non-profit; and covering some great exhibitions – including Andjana Pachkova’s stunning ‘Castle in the Sky’ series.

Stephen took some excellent portraits at the Sydney Writers' Festival of literary luminaries Alexis Okeowo, Eileen Myles, Jennifer Egan, Robert Drewe and many others.

He has been acting Communications Manager with Settlement Services International for the last seven months and is about to head overseas to the United States, which he plans to shoot in b&w — with special attention to the jazz haunts of New York and New Orleans.


Photograph by Amanda Lum.

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